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ILVE has been in the business of delivering premium kitchen equipment for over 60 years. For exquisite and timeless kitchen pieces, ILVE is your go to. For ovens, whether it be in-built gas, electric or steam powered, cooktops, dishwashers, microwaves, coffee machines, rangehoods and more, we can provide you with the most effective and efficient solutions available.

Majestic Series

Embrace your royal side with our Majestic series of kitchen equipment. Superior levels of customization are available in this range. From the colors to the fittings, it's all about chic elegance. This series celebrates much more than functional equipment; it’s a statement of style!

Nostalgie Series

Country-style classic designs have never looked more modern than this. Made to evoke a feeling of home in your kitchen, we’re bringing nostalgia to your kitchen like never before. This series is built to grow with you and remain reliable for a lifetime. Plus, this series is available in a range of interesting colors and fittings to ensure everyone’s style is satisfied.

Professional Plus Series

Offers modern contemporary look whilst celebrating the beauty that comes with statement knobs and handles. Excellent for both home and commercial cooking situations, you are sure to get heads turning and tongues salivating with any kitchen equipment from this range.

Range Hoods

Ventilation hoods from ILVE are the perfect companion to the ranges. Each are styled to fit the aesthetic of a corresponding cooking appliance, lending a seamless look to a kitchen. ILVE hoods are as functional as they are beautiful. Every ILVE hood has the option to install a recirculating fan so ductwork is not a requirement.


There are many different cooktops available on the market and there are many reasons why millions of people select cooktops for their kitchen each year. If you are looking for the perfect solution for your kitchen, then an ILVE cooktop might be the right choice for you. We carry a wide range of cooktops that are sure to meet your needs and we are happy to provide these high-quality appliances to our customers.



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